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Slow Fashion Underwear

Posted on 26 Oct, 2023
Slow Fashion Underwear
Our accidental feature soon became a leading selling point. Being part of the Slow Fashion movement is such a good feeling and It’s not only having a product that lasts longer, but also knowing our customers are not constantly putting their hands into their wallets every few months to replace their wears and if they’re doing just that its purely because they want more undicloth® in their lives rather than need.

My day selling undies and dressing sets in a Wonder of the World

Posted on 03 Jul, 2022
My day selling undies and dressing sets in a Wonder of the World
As a lot of you all probably know I started undicloth® because I was sick of being uncomfortable working long days and nights in the Props department on Opera on Sydney harbour. I never thought it would open the door to business opportunity for me. My daily routine at the moment is a 5am wake up, breathwork, a small meditation then dive into undicloth® order packing. I then make myself dippy eggs and soldiers then head off to work at the Opera. If we are rehearsing a show, I will be at work for up to 14-hours, if we are doing show calls then it can be a regular 8-hour day. Ill climb into bed late depending on when the Opera finishes but you know what… when that alarm goes off the next morning, even if I’m super dooper tired, a smile falls upon my face. The smile is this adventure. I guess I’m telling you this because you never really know what your life might become. If you told me 5 years ago, I would be running a small business selling top quality Australian made underwear called undicloth® to people all over the Australia and the world I would have said “get out of here”, but here I am and I’m having the best time.


Posted on 11 Feb, 2022

When you’re only halfway through the day and you get that ting, the feeling that your legs or butt cheeks have started making sandpaper…


Okay so I have firsthand experience of the chafe or as we like to call it in the Arts Industry “gig butt”.  When we rehearse and place all the technical elements into a live show, we can work over 16-hour shifts and you need to have a trusty pair of undies on. “gig butt” makes it so hard to work and you can tell all the unlucky buggers who have it as they either walk on an angle or with a very wide gate and the sad fact is it lasts for days once you have it.


undicloth® was brought to market for nothing but comfort no matter your task or how long your working day/night is. We first launched the boxer brief back in 2020 which changed the way men hung about. They bought one pair and then came back for a week’s worth. To some extend the boxer brief will help with eliminating the “gig butt” though for those with the wider legs or who get dirty Longcloth are savours.


The tighter longer leg not only stops your legs rubbing skin on skin, it stops the dirt and grim from the worksite getting into your sacred space. By reducing and stopping both these issues the cause of the problem can be hit on the head. While eliminating “gig butt” we have also introduced a higher waistband at the rear to stop that coin-slot or butt crack exposure.


Longcloth continues with the undicloth® design of a 100% organic cotton pouch. This pouch is not a booster but instead allows you to hang about naturally. Longcloth are made in Sydney, Australia for men all over the world.


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