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Slow Fashion Underwear

ethically, sustainably and lives a long enough life to get your monies worth.

Posted on 26 Oct, 2023
Slow Fashion Underwear

It was not initially part of the results we were trying to achieve when we started sewing our underwear. All we wanted to do was make comfy ethical underwear in Australia. But as the months ticked over, and then into years we discovered that our product was still looking just as good maybe showing a slightly lighter shade than when we first put them on. Our accidental feature soon became a leading selling point.

The life span of a pair of undicloth® is currently being recorded at three years.

Being part of the Slow Fashion movement is such a good feeling and It’s not only having a product that lasts longer, but also knowing our customers are not constantly putting their hands into their wallets every few months to replace their wears and if they’re doing just that its purely because they want more undicloth® in their lives rather than need.

Part of the reason of the longevity of the product is absolutely the fabric. We have sourced some fine fabric that is not only grown under fair trade practices, but also knitted right here in Australia.

Another point would be the pouch. As the pouch is designed to house your most prized jewels it also keeps them away from the gusset which clears up the area and helps alleviate constant rubbing which can inspire holes to appear.

Slow fashion is the term used when a garment is built ethically, sustainably and lives a long enough life to get your monies worth.

Our company is a slow growing company. We have chosen this direction on purpose and the belief is we are burrowing our roots deep before we grow tall, so that we are grounded and strong when we need to be.



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