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The Naked Truth


The beginning…

It all began when they fell down the leg of my briefs while completing my long days and nights working backstage in theatre. Let me tell you it is very uncomfortable having the boys wedged between a bit of stretchy cotton and your thigh, chaffing for 14 hours. I ended up having to swap to boxer shorts just to make it through the shift! The trouble with boxers however, soon became very apparent.

During setups and rehearsals I would wear shorts and when I was up ladders if I ever asked my colleague below to pass something to me, they’d cop an absolute eyeful. I started to feel bad for them even though I was much more comfortable in the old faithful, but revealing, boxer.

On one occasion I was riding my bike up Macquarie Street, Sydney, and it was feeling very breezy down there. I noticed a driver of a vehicle looking my way with an odd facial expression and when I looked down there they were, hanging out for all to see.

That was the final straw and before anyone had a chance to make a public service announcement, I went online in search of a miracle package containment solution. I found not one pair of undies that would save me (or others) from being trapped in an extremely uncomfortable situation.

So I ended up getting the sewing machine out and seeing what I could make myself.

Mens Underwear

I sewed through the day and wore my prototype to work that evening. They were so comfortable, though they did look like Dolly’s coat of many colours. When I had to get changed at the end of the day I would wave everyone goodbye and double check they were gone so no one ever saw my Frankenstein creation. I quickly realised professional help was needed and found Amanda Townsend Pattern Technician extraordinaire.

With my watercolour drawings, prototypes and her expertise, what was once inside my head finally became a reality.

how the name came to be…

During my research into the fascinating history of underwear, I found I really liked the original loincloth design and concept and wanted to incorporate some of its style and comfort into my design. In Australia we often refer to underwear as undies so in a classic mashup undicloth® was born.

keeping it green…

At undicloth® we believe that the world is indeed changing rapidly and we need to do everything we can do to protect it. With a target of zero waste, we use recycled cardboard manufactured in Australia for our garment packaging and our postage satchels are 100% compostable. Our postage labels are even printed in Australia using solar power and non-toxic inks. All offcuts from the fabric are turned into filling boxing bags right here in Sydney.  We are committed to a greener future not only for undicloth® but the planet.

keeping it fair…

Being manufactured in Australia, undicloth® only uses accredited fairtrade organisations that operate under fair work conditions. This ensures our product is of the highest quality, staff are paid properly and are engaged under superior working conditions, empowering farmers and workers alike around the globe.

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