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Australian Made Underwear

Australian Brand Undies

Why Australian made is the way of the future 

Australia, the smallest continent and one of the largest countries on Earth, lying between the Pacific and Indian oceans in the Southern Hemisphere.

We have an estimated population of 25,743,000. Why Australian made when the world is just a click away…





1. Keeping it local


When you buy Australian made, you’re guaranteeing the future of Australia’s manufacturing sector and keeping our skilled workforce gainfully employed. This then feeds directly back into the community and the Australian economy. 

When you buy local you can see how much goes into producing this Australian underwear brand and in most instances have a direct communication with the maker or owner themselves.  

Australian Made Underwear


Australian Underwear Brand Undicloth



2. Fair work and quality control


Australia has the some of the world’s strictest labour, business, and quality control conditions, meaning every single person involved in the manufacture of your undicloth® product, is a fair member of the community, respected and paid accordingly. Your undicloth® mens underwear are made with more of a quality push rather than a quantity focus meaning more time is spent creating your garment and less chance of a blow out in the outback.  Under the Australian Consumer Law, when you buy any product or service, they come with an automatic guarantee that they will do what you were told they would do. We pride ourselves on telling the absolute truth about our product and want you to enjoy our Australian made product for the purpose it was designed for. 




3. Lowering environmental emissions and footprint

Environmental accountability is a huge part of the manufacturing of a product these days. Traceability throughout the entire process from pattern or design drawing to the finished product is something Australian made is leading the world in.

It doesn’t stop with the product but includes the delivery and what happens with the product once its service is complete. Manufacturing  within Australia also is a huge player in reducing emissions. 

Mens Underwear Made in Australia



Best Australian Underwear Brand



4. Service

Australian makers are fair dinkum about their product which in turn delivers the best customer service and experience. When you buy mens underwear made in australia you are someone who is ensuring the longevity and lifestyle of the maker, their families and community.



5. Lowering the cost

Australian made manufacturing is not the cheapest way to make a product. In fact, it is one of the most expensive ways. Most of the time the heavy costs are from doing smaller production runs and the setting up of the equipment for each stage. When larger orders are created, more can be achieved from a run, which can bring the overall cost of the make down. So, the more locally we buy, the more our manufactures can make, and the more they make they make the more savings can be passed down then line. 



6. Australian made and undicloth® similarities

undicloth® and some of Australia’s native animals are not too dissimilar when it comes to keeping their most prized possessions safe. You would notice that a Mother Kangaroo, Koala and Wombat all have pouches. This is just part of their natural design to keep what is precious to them safe.  

Aussie made is bloody comfortable. Not only to wear but on the peace of mind knowing you have saved a job, helped a community, grown our economy and made someone smile. 


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