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Starting a business during Covid19

Posted on 08 Apr, 2020
Starting a business during Covid19

If starting your own business wasn’t confusing or hard enough, chucking in a pandemic of global proportions sure isn’t the way to succeed, without really trying.

March 2020. Unlike the seven dwarfs hi-ho-ing their way off to work, I have been Rapunzeled. Sure, just like the long-haired princess I have somewhere to live, but with a vastly reduced income stream and no takers on selling my wispy hair for wigs, the challenge to launch my own start-up could not be greater.

Two months ago it was all in the bag. A reliable wage to pay for my personal and business outgoings, savings to cover emergencies, and minimal debt, here I was in a rock-solid position to launch my business. Come March, that financial stability came tumbling down like a jenga tower. I had already ordered 200 pairs of underwear to be rolled out for the launch and as the bills stacked up, my wage plummeted. I had two options: a second job would pay the bills, but reduce the time I could spend on kick starting the business, leaving hundreds of pairs of undies begging for an owner; or drying up my cash reserves, taking the plunge, and getting this product on the market. Unlike every other calculated decision in my life; I’ve gone all in. Terrified. Even in a pandemic men need supportive, comfortable and stylish underwear right? Maybe now more than ever in the world of pants-off isolation.

Cuts and compromises have had to be made. No fancy models here, only some mildly arresting shots of myself in the undies to start off. A photographer replaced by a tripod and a timer that even at 10 seconds feels like an eternity. YouTube 101 on photoshop. I luckily live next door to a post office so I don't have to drive to send out the undies (very green) and I will have to commit to a zero bangs and whistles launch through social media and word of mouth. 

Will they take off, or be put on, more to the point? Can people afford or are they even searching for the best pair of undies on the market? Setting a price that is sustainable, competitive and viable is even more precarious in the current climate than using hair to climb a tower. 

In this wildly volatile CO-VID19 world all I can do is try and launch my business, my dream. I know I will have to be more flexible than a yoga instructor to succeed. So off I go into the great unknown, knowing only this: I will make this happen.

Maybe if I was selling fair-trade organic Australian made toilet paper instead of undies the horizon would be clearer or cleaner!

undicloth® are made in Australia 


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