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My Sacrifice… My Gain
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My Sacrifice… My Gain

wine, the fun and the sloth

Posted on 12 Jan, 2021
My Sacrifice… My Gain

This is going to be a challenge, though I am kinda excited at the same time. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I feel that 2020 has helped me make up my mind.

The reason for this sacrifice is not only a health kick and financial savings, but it is essential for my relationship with and how I’m going to take undicloth® to the next level.

Covid gave me the time I needed for undicloth® to launch and get going. I was on JobKeeper- I had all day to get stuff done. I fell in love with having dinner at home each night, I also loved that we had an excuse not to go out (although I love all the restaurants in Marrickville if you pass by). I also liked the cheapest bottle(s) of wine (also available in Marrickville) I could get my hands on. It was fine I could wake up, with a hangover, as late as I wanted to. I was on JobKeeper.

Now, back at my day/night job as a Props Technician in the Arts it is time to be focused and time conscious. Time to give up the wine, the fun and the sloth. Time to get undicloth® to the “stage” to better coin a phrase. Depending on if we are rehearsing or performing shows, my hours can vary from 8am to midnight. The only time I know for certain every day is 5:30am. So that’s the time I have to be up and squeeze in my future.


So, I am giving up alcohol for 2021 (confirmation pending).


I’m trying to give up alcohol for 2021 so that I can take undicloth® to the next level. undicloth® was born out of a need to be comfy at my job in the Arts and has now sold to over 8 countries with hope for further. I won’t try and Riesling with it… (sorry). I’m going to take undicloth® and you all on an adventure to hang naturally.

This year is also my dirty 40 and you’re meant to get all messed up with ya family and mates on your 40th, but I will do things differently. I’m going to be daring and walk down a different road creating a thriving business, a unique story, in the shadow of what we are going through. A new world, but a new achievement.

It’s going to be a challenge and I am seconds into this.  I can do it.

So, buckle up and ride the wave from a distance with a glass of Riesling (my downfall) and cheer me on.


cheers Stephen

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