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Articles for the Month of July 2021

Another lockdown but still climbing the ladder

Posted on 28 Jul, 2021
Another lockdown but still climbing the ladder

There is that wonderful saying it’s not “what you know but who you know” and I must agree with it to a certain degree, however I also think you must take risks for the “who you know” to see you and lend that hand.

Today on Wednesday 28th of July 2021 as Sydney is awaiting news of its extended lockdown undicloth® has made its centrefold debut in The Sydney Morning Herald on page 2 and 3. My alarm went off at 5am as usual and instead of going straight into my morning breathwork and cold shower I thought I’ll just check my emails to see if anyone has seen the article yet…. You can read the article here. 

Let’s just say my breathwork and cold shower has been sidelined this morning with a promise to myself to do it at another point throughout the day. Orders streaming in and my little online store with only 6 items up for sale had 140 people in it at 6:30am and by 7:30am it has over 225.

But this just fits in completely with the whole undicloth® adventure. I never planned on selling underwear and I only started because I was uncomfortable at work and couldn’t find anything Aussie made. My little creation was too good not to share and I am now running down a road I didn’t even know was on the map.

If anyone reading this has got something inside of them, an idea they want to get out or get going… Do it! Open the door and create it! I promise you will find the right people at the right time to help you along your journey. If there is ever a time it is now. Goodluck and if you ever need anything mail@undicloth.com.au I might not be able to do much, but I can cheer you along.

undicloth® made in Australia using organic fair-trade fabric, designed with a 100% cotton pouch so that you can hang about naturally and not fall out the leg of your shorts. Brought to market by a Props Technician who never sewed clothing before.

enjoy the adventure and the underwear!! 



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